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What does Suppli do?

Suppli Company is a Cut & Sew Blanks Wholesaler. Specialising in creating a wide variety of unknown products for the Urban Market. Instead of getting your standard t-shirts, you are able to get Bomber jackets, Stripe Tees and joggers all in one place!

We also do the following services!

  • Screen Printing (Minumum 24 Units)
  • Embroidery (Minimum 24 Units)
  • DTG (Sample)
  • Woven Labels & Leather Labels
  • Sewing
  • Jacquard Knit Socks

Does Suppli have a price sheet?

Yes, we do! Email us at (orders@getsuppli.com) to receive our price sheet

How do you guys price products?

Since we sell wholesale, we consider price breaks at 12,24, and 36 Units. Samples are sold at retail since they are only bought by one. If you are looking for breaks on pricing, buying in bulk is the way to go!

What's turn around time for blanks and blanks with my logo?

Our normal turn around time after mockups approved is 2-3 weeks. For our production with all screen printing, embroidery and labelling. We do our best to get your jobs done in and out as soon as possible. Please verify with us if you have any dates that you need it in hand. Keep in mind the shipping front San Diego!

Does Suppli ship worldwide?

YES, we do! Due to the up and down prices with DHL. We will bill any overseas shipping when the product is finished and packaged up! Just want to make sure the cost is correct.

Can you guys print on shirts that I buy and send to you?

Yes, we can, we can embellish any garments you ship to us!

Can I provide my own labels for you to sew?

Yes, you can, email us for our address and we can get those sewn onto your next project!

Where are you Located ?  

Suppli Company Is located in San Diego, California

What Does unit mean ?

1 Unit is 1 shirt or 1 jogger, 12 units is 12 shirts or 12 joggers

What is blanks ? 

A blank is a  blank shirts(or joggers etc) with no logos added this is best if you are going to order the blank shirts and have a local shop add the printing for you

What is blanks + Logo ?

This is a blank item from our site with your logo added, for example 24 shirts with a front print.

How will I know what I will be getting (for blanks + logo) once I make my payment?

Once you make the payment allow 48- hours and our graphics team will put a graphic mock up for you to approve before going into production.

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